Signs of Dehydration You Must be Aware of if You Attend Bootcamp Training

Dehydration, which signifies loss of water, is a common problem for people practicing intense workouts, or doing workouts on regular basis. Boot camp in Coogee makes sure that all the clients coming there are properly hydrated. Though dehydration is not a serious problem, but if left ignored then indeed can lead to serious trouble.

The best way to escape from dehydration is consume water before and while doing workouts. If you are also in the habit of workouts on regular basis, get wary if you notice following signs.

Unbearable Thirst
The first sign, which will notify you that your body is getting dehydrated and it requires water, is you will experience unbearable thirst. Thirst is the natural phenomenon, which is the way through which body sends message to the brain that it requires water. Bootcamp fitness training in Coogee Beach recommends not keeping you thirsty for very long and consuming water at regular intervals.

You might feel exhausted more than you normally do while doing workout. Heat exhaustion might occur, should you have been practicing workouts continuously for a long time. You might get vomiting, dizziness or even fainting as a result of this.

This stage signifies the stage where cardiovascular system of your body fails to cool down your body. Coogee boot camps ask their clients to stop doing workouts, and switch them to cooler place to bring down their body temperature.

Cramping occurs when the muscles in your body don’t get sufficient oxygen. While doing workouts, if you don’t breathe properly, this problem might take place. In addition to that, lack of water in your body is also responsible for cramping, because water supplies oxygen to various muscles in your body.

And when you don’t have sufficient water available in your body, it deters the functioning of muscles. The best way to deal with the situation is to take rest from workouts, take long breaths and consume plenty of water. Dan Clay an outdoor  fitness Coogee instructor recommends drinking one litre of water for every 30 minutes of exercise.bootcamp fitness training coogee beach

Heat Stroke
Your body tends to excrete water through sweating to deal with the excess heat produced by your body. When you continue practicing workouts, ignoring your intense sweating, a stage comes when your body stops sweating. Such a stage has been named as heat stroke.

The reason why your body stops sweating is it already has excreted all the water it had; now it has no more water left to deal with the heat produced in your body. Lack of fluid leads to increased heart rate and might lead to disorientation and even faintness.

High Pulse Rate
Should you have a pulse rate monitor, you can keep measuring your pulse rate and can keep a check on dehydration. Boot camp training in Coogee provides heart rate monitor to its clients, which help them keep regular watch on their pulse rate, and effectively save themselves from getting dehydrated.

Should you observe your pulse rate has increased beyond normal pulse rate, stop right there and fuel your body with water. Even after consuming water, if the pulse rate persists to be high, then certainly there is some other reason responsible for that. Consult a doctor under such a situation.